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Maintaining your Roots during Quarantine
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Maintaining your Roots for Quarantine
Since quarantine has begun, it has left us all in a bit of a pickle beauty wise. Since the salons are closed for the time being, we are left with overgrown nails and exposed roots. For the time being, let's not get too far gone in the beauty department and utilize some tools to keep us looking fresh until we can get our first post-quarantine salon visit!

Easy to Use Product - Leaves Your Hair Looking Great!
The founder of Millicent and Company has given us her holy grail item for root touch-ups. The Root Concealer from Style Edit has easily become a favorite. This easy to use product takes no time and leaves the hair looking almost salon-perfect. With this product, all you have to do is point the can a few inches away from the root and spray. Within seconds, your overgrown roots are no longer visible and your hair appears healthy and thick.

Available to all hair types and colors!
The Style Edit Root Concealer comes in seven colors total, ranging form blonde to black. The colors consist of: Auburn/Red, Black, Dark Blonde, Dark Brown, Light Blonde, Light Brown, and Medium Brown. With all of these colors, you are bound to find the perfect match to conceal those roots. This product is available on Amazon so it is easily accessible for everyone, and we can still maintain social distancing.

Although this quarantine can be tough, your hair does not have to suffer. Maintaining your hair and keeping up with your beauty regimen the best you can, can greatly help with passing the time during this uncertain period.

Root Concealer - Available via Curbside Service
Text or call: 619-792-7988 or 619-873-5016
Millicent and Company will be offering curbside service starting April 7th 2020 for your product needs during our temporary closure.

Purple shampoos, conditioners and root concealers provide great temporary solutions to keep you looking and feeling good until we can be together again. Upon request we can provide a personal color kit for in home use.

Please text us your orders at the following numbers:
619-792-7988 or 619-873-5016

Hours for curbside service:
Tuesday :9am-1pm
Thursday 9am-1pm
Fridays: 9am-1pm
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