Nekia Butler

She’s been at Milco nearly 7 years. She’s Strong, down to earth, very loving and educational, very familiar with the human body and it’s functions. Some say she has magic hands.

She Can read your skeletal make up through your feet. Which tells her some of your physical needs.

Nekia is certified By The state of California, as well as nationally. She has 21 yrs. Experience

Her motto is.. I Freestyle With My Hands😊

Her style is definitely original.

Millicent hasn’t needed another Massage Therapist since she started in 2011. It’s her commitment to a valued experience and her consistency that makes her so popular.

Nekia, also reffered to as Nikkimassage, likes to create the experience with her clients. She even asks for your preference in music for the massage. There may be a need to experience stretching, sometimes heated Stones, therapeutic oils, emotional resets or breakthroughs.. Deep breathing, guided imagery, musical relief, comic relief.. Silence or her 2 cents. Yes she does do pregnancy massage!

To sum her up, she has:

  • Intuitive touch
  • Creative explanations
  • Strong hands
  • Great reputation

She has always displayed empathy for others her entire life. What really inspired her in this particular career was the healing touch of another when she found her body wound up and tense from a couple pretty bad car accidents and heightened emotional stress. It is then that she decided she too wanted to provide the type of relief she experienced in those sessions that were created for her own recovery. She is definitely practicing her gift, in the right craft. She’s Full of joy about life being an adventure and has much love for others on their own adventure.

Nekia is Currently founding Diversity University and Good Grief Magazine, her contribution to the beautiful communities that she is a part of.